Neymar changed the transfer market – Jose Mourinho

Neymar changed the market

Manchester United Coach Jose Mourinho feels Neymar changed the transfer market, making prices of average players to go up considerable high following his £199 million transfer deal to PSG. He was very happy with Manchester United for being clever in the transfer window, getting the players in on time before Neymar’s transfer.

Jose Mourinho: “I think we were very clever. We thought that something could happen that could change the market forever. Normally the last part of the market is less expensive, but this season, after Neymar [left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in a world-record £199 million deal], everything changed — and changed for the worse in terms of prices.

“I think Lukaku on August 31 would have been £150 million. Matic would have been £60 million or £70 million. Neymar changed everything. If the biggest transfer in history had still been Pogba, I think Philippe Coutinho [the Liverpool playmaker] would now be in Barcelona at £101 million.

“People look to the £200 million figure now. Now the players of £20 million became £40 million, the players of £40 million became £60 million and everything changed. Lukaku and Matic, now, would have cost us £200 million in total. But because we did it in the first part of the summer, it was much less. I think we did well in financial terms and well in preparation terms, getting them before the season started. That is not crucial but it is important.

Jose Mourinho has started the premier league season on a high, winning all of his opening 3 games, and 2 of the 3 new signings have been integral to his success.

Jose Mourinho spoke on the back page of The Times in an exclusive interview. He ended with this quote “To play well and win is perfection. But you can’s say ‘my game is beautiful’ and win nothing.”

So as to say, he should be judged on his victories, not his style of play.

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